F4-P Flight Controller integrated PDB


Flight controls features:
* Integrated with STM32 F405 chip, compatible with Betaflight and Cleanflight, (supports PWM, Oneshot, DHOTS150/300/600/1200) ESC with high operating speed, which achieves excellent flight experience. Moreover, it can generate powerful calculating ability and velocity , gives pilots easier, more stable and smooth flight experience.
* MPU 6000 6-axis gyroscope
* 280 barometer
* Supports receivers like SBUS PPM IBUS DSM2, etc.
* Easy and quick OSD configuring.
* Reserved soldering place for Buzzer and programmable LED light.
* Support SD slot
* Size:36*51MM
* Mounting: 30.5*30.5mm
* Weight: 12g ±0.2g
* Firmware: Omnibus F4SD 3.2.4 (factory default)
* LED strip has already connected with A08 through short circuit in factory default setting, for future firmware upgrading, please distribute LED connector to A08 and Save. Otherwise LED strip will not work.
 For example: resource LED_STRIP 1  A08  (distribute LED connector to A08 and Save)
Make flight more stable

   Product description:

    Total 4 pairs ESC solder tabs are fit for X type frame    
    Input:  3~4S LiPo
    input: TVS protection
    PDB:  4*30A, 4layers, 2oz copper
    BEC: 5V/2A
    BEC: 9V/2A
    Built-in current sensor
    MCU: STM32F405RGT6(168MHz)
    IMU: 6000
    OSD: AT7456E(Betaflight OSD)
    BARO: BMP280
    BOOT: mode button(DFU)
    FC Status: LED (Blue)
    3.3v status: LED(RED)
    SD slot: support SD card with FAT32 format, Max 4G
have high operating speed
Connector description:
  M1~M6: ESC signal 1~6
  CAM:  Camera video signal in
  VO:   Video out (to VTX)
  VCC:  Lipo voltage input,
  G:    GND
  9v:   for VTX  
  5v:   output 5v to other devices.
  3v3:  3.3V,for MCU and DSM RX
  4v5:  4.4-4.8v for RX
  RSSI:  RSSI input for RX
  P&S:  PPM & SBUS input
  DSM:  DSM input
  LED:  WS2812 LED signal output( I/O: A08)
  RX1 & TX1:  UART1
  RX3 & TX3:  UART3
  RX6 & TX6:  UART6
  TX1,TX3,TX6 Can be used for smart audio VTX & Tramp VTX directly
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